“There are so many silver linings I missed out on growing up because I was so worried about being different. These days, I’m happy to be ‘different.’”
"It's OK to not have hair. Hair is an accessory, just like my bracelet: it's an accessory. We don't really need it!"
"No matter how I look, I know there’s no limit to what I can do."
"You look like you for a reason."
“People sometimes think it's the looks that matters but it's not really. It's the inside.”
"Having alopecia has taught me that there is nothing ‘normal’ about everyone being the same. Humans are beautifully diverse." -Molly Tuttle
"I feel like I’ve been set free. I feel like I’m ready to take on anything after this." -Ricki Lake
"There is no definition for beautiful. There is no right or wrong way. Just be yourself." - Alessia Cara
"My alopecia ended up being the thing that actually is making my career what it is." -Anthony Carrigan
"Never feel afraid to express the strength that has made you, you.” -Nell Sanders
"I'm not here just to occupy space. I'm here to create it." -Rep. Ayanna Pressley
'Alopecia &…' is a reference to embracing alopecia as part of our lives and our world.