Looking for the silver lining of 2020

"I feel like I’ve been set free. I feel like I’m ready to take on anything after this." -Ricki Lake

Happy July! For those asking about if they missed last week’s issue – there wasn’t a new one. I’ve toyed with moving the newsletter to an every-other-week schedule, so I’m going to try that out for now! More to pack into each issue, I hope :)

How are you all? I hope you’ve all been enjoying summer, as best as you can. I’ll admit: I’ve been pretty stressed lately… so much so, that the hair that’s been growing back on my head has been falling out pretty quickly again. So I’ve been trying to take a step back from all of the projects and commitments I’ve made since quarantine began and “reset.” It’s important to do that from time to time, and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to do that right now.

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“This, in some ways, is the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve gone through a lot. …I feel like I’ve been set free. I feel like I’m ready to take on anything after this.” - Ricki Lake (on Good Morning America, 01/03/20)

It’s been a rough year, and while 2020 has brought a lot of stress and anxiety, I don’t want people to forget that this year has also brought us some amazing news today. On January 1 this year, actress and TV presenter Ricki Lake revealed her 30-year journey with hair loss on Instagram – and it’s been so inspiring to watch the impact that revelation has had.

Nature, trails, the fresh air & this view are just good for the soul 🍃 •

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June 25, 2020

Around the web…

  • Runner Lindsay Walter published a personal essay at Yahoo about being an athlete with alopecia, and how her first marathon changed her life. I love her honesty as she writes about her insecurities and fears, which is something I think everyone can relate to.

  • Heather Scott, owner of Pretty Wigs To You, is launching a new subscription box for anyone dealing with hair loss. It’s called Helper Hair Box and “is filled with inspirational books, headbands, hats, makeup, confidence building messages, and items to remind them that they are beautiful with or without hair.” It’s currently raising money over on Kickstarter, so check it out!

  • Rolling Stone’s Jamil Smith interviewed Rep. Ayanna Pressley about a range of topics, including how her alopecia affected her relationship with the community she serves.

In case you missed it…

Have you seen this video from HiHo Kids? They have a series on their channel called “Kids Meet,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Kids meet someone they probably have never met before – a climate change activist, an ex-gang member, a UPS driver… People always say that kids are the most honest interviewers because they often don’t have a filter for the questions that come to the surface.

Lennox Bishop is the person the kids met in this 2018 video, and it’s such a heartwarming conversation:

Alopecia &… Spotlight: @hairismyjourney

Tackling each day of isolation one day at a time. What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this time? #isolation #keepingbusy #alopecia #dissociativeseizures
April 28, 2020

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