Humor, heart, and history to round out June

"There is no definition for beautiful. There is no right or wrong way. Just be yourself." - Alessia Cara

These days when people ask me how I’m doing, it’s hard to keep track because time has totally become one big blur. Anyone else feel that way? Hopefully you’ve all been finding ways to keep entertained and happy this summer (while also staying safe and healthy)!

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“I just want to tell people there isn’t only one way to look. You can be natural. You can have a full face of makeup. You can be skinny or fat or short or tall. There is no definition for beautiful. There is no right or wrong way. Just be yourself.” - Alessia Cara (via Glamour, 08/09/16)

You’ve probably heard Alessia Cara’s mega-hit “Scars To Your Beautiful,” but did you know it was partly inspired by her experience with hair loss growing up? In a 2016 essay (linked above), Cara shared that part of her journey, which included trying to find hairstyles that would hide the bald spots. That helped her see that there was more to being beautiful than what society tells us is “beautiful.”

Was excited to be interviewed by this legend. Out on Monday. Will post more details then xxxx
June 19, 2020

Around the web…

  • TV host and personality Gail Porter has been open about her hair loss for more than a decade – and her sense of humor about it is still as sharp as ever. In a recent interview with Louis Theroux for his BBC podcast, Porter joked that her hair fell out because of the ghost of Frank Sinatra. Haunted by a ghost? That’s a new (and fun) way to answer the question: “Why is your hair falling out?”! (Listen to the full episode, where she speaks more about her experience with alopecia here.)

  • A couple of weeks ago, I told you about Rosie Quinn and Coming Up Rosies, and now Rosie is the subject of a new children’s book coming out this summer! My Hair Went on Vacation is written by Paula Quinn, Rosie’s mother, and you can pre-order it here.

  • I had no idea Jaguars’ quarterback Joshua Dobbs spent time interning at NASA! Dobbs spent 3 weeks at NASA in February as part of the NFL Players Association’s externship. That led to him being at the SpaceX launch last month, where he got to watch the historic launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. Pretty cool!

In case you missed it…

Any This Is Us fans? One of my favorite storylines that developed throughout the series is the one between Randall, Beth, and their adopted daughter Deja. But before she’s adopted, the Pearsons foster her and it’s a challenging relationship for all parties to navigate. One breakthrough moment though is when Beth discovers bald patches on Deja’s head and explains what alopecia is, leading Deja to begin opening up.

Alopecia &… Spotlight: @baldieboo

Porch facing a busy street + me - wig + smile = what are things I would have never done in June of 2019 Alex... #babysteps

June 22, 2020

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