Welcome to 'Alopecia &...'!

'Alopecia &…' is a reference to embracing alopecia as part of our lives and our world.

Hello, and welcome to Alopecia &…!

So you’re probably wondering… What is this?

Alopecia &… (or, “Alopecia and…”) is a newsletter idea I’ve had for awhile now. I wanted to curate a space with updates about the latest alopecia news or developments, plus stories (articles, videos, essays, etc.) and other alopecia-related things online. When it comes to talking about alopecia, sometimes the news out there focuses only on trying to find a cure. While research and all of that is important, I also believe there’s so much more to talk about when it comes to alopecia too!

A little bit about me: My name is Traci and I’m a journalist and writer/producer. I’ve had alopecia since I was a kid, but only started connecting with other alopecians a few years ago through social media. (You can read a little more about my personal story here.)

While this newsletter is mainly going to be alopecia-focused, it’ll also be a way to connect about things going on in the world and online too. The name Alopecia &… is a reference to embracing alopecia as part of our lives and our world. When I was growing up, I used to think that having alopecia was the only thing people saw or knew about me, and I let that affect how I interacted with others. I was often timid and afraid. But I know now that it isn’t the only thing that defines me; it’s just one part of my life – and a part that I’m proud of.

However you came across this newsletter – whether or not you have alopecia, whether you’re looking for a community, or whether you’re hoping to learn more about alopecia – I hope you’ll subscribe and share.

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