Viral moments and a dose of honesty

“People sometimes think it's the looks that matters but it's not really. It's the inside.”

I’ve definitely found myself in a lot of Instagram and TikTok rabbit holes lately – and I think you can probably tell that based on the content of this week’s Alopecia &… issue! I’ve been posting with a little more frequency over at @alopeciamua lately too ever since Instagram launched Reels.

Hope you’re all continuing to stay safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world! It feels like the summer has just flown by, although I wish I could say I’ve been able to enjoy it… But you know what that means? Alopecia Awareness Month is just around the corner. Anyone have any fun ideas on celebrating?

Oh! And happy belated International Alopecia Day (August 1)!

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I recently discovered Stephanie’s YouTube channel (SL MissGlam), where she posts about lifestyle and beauty. Last year, she opened up in a video about her alopecia – which she’s had since she was a young girl. I love her honesty in the videos she’s posted since where she talks about her experiences and her feelings. She echoes so much of what I’ve felt when it comes to embracing my own alopecia and the struggles I’ve faced with being as open about it as some in the community are.

I say this a lot, both in real life and in this newsletter, but: there’s no “one way” to be an alopecian. And I think that’s what makes this community special: we all experience alopecia differently, and because of that, no one can force you to feel any singular way about it. Stephanie’s videos about alopecia have been comforting to watch and to listen to, and I would encourage you to check her out!

She has alopecia and asked her boyfriend to shave her what he does. ❤️❤️ [via @eva_barilaro]
August 5, 2020

Around the web…

  • You may have seen this moment shared all around on TikTok or Instagram the last two week: Law school student Eva Barilaro posted this video to TikTok last month, but it really blew up recently. “After months growing my #hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my #boyfriend to #shave my #head again,” Eva shared on TikTok – and he did, with a little surprise at the end that brought her to tears (and brought everyone watching to tears too!).

  • “People sometimes think it's the looks that matters but it's not really. It's the inside.” That insight comes from Tabitha Cybulski, a young Australian girl who first started losing her hair when she was one years old. Tabitha was recently featured on ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). ABC shared Tabitha’s story around International Alopecia Day.

  • British reality TV star Ricky Rayment recently opened up on Instagram about his experience with alopecia. “I know it's only a few patches and people suffer a lot worse than me but it is something that I'm very self conscious about,” he wrote. “Who cares, we living babyyyy!” It’s a great message: no matter how your alopecia appears – if you have alopecia, you have alopecia … and there’s no better time to embrace it than the present!

  • One thing we’ve talked about before in past Alopecia &… issues: hair loss and the link to COVID-19. Last week, actress Alyssa Milano opened up on her Instagram about testing positive for COVID antibodies, and she also revealed that her hair has been falling out as a result. Here’s a little more background via the Today Show on how COVID may be related to hair loss

In case you missed it…

Thank you @i_am_nattyt for joining our #irefuse campaign as we encourage bald women to refuse to diminish their baldness/beauty to make others comfortable. Join our campaign, & create your sign. What will you refuse as it pertains your baldness. Don’t forget to include (@thebaldiemovement ) on your sign and tag us. 😊

August 3, 2020

Have you seen The Baldie Movement’s #irefuse campaign on Instagram? Join the movement by sharing what you will refuse as it pertains to your baldness and beauty.

Also… Next month (September) is Alopecia Awareness Month! Do you have a favorite masked hero? The National Alopecia Areata Foundation wants to hear about it through a video: here’s how.

Alopecia &… Spotlight: @alopecianvida

Y'all I'm loving all this lady love!! ♥️ Thanks @the_esther_kim and @alopecia_faezeh!

I was all about women supporting women before, but with this baldie community it's gone to another level. I can not thank you ladies enough for the support, love, and EMPOWERMENT!

I don't know where I'd be without you (probably in a deep depression as a hermit). Thank you for your shoulder (and everything else you do for everyone else).

#womemempoweringwomen #whorunstheworld
July 28, 2020

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